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The Brahma Sutra, also known as Vedānta Sutra, is one of three most important texts in Vedānta along with the Principal Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.  A thorough study of Vedānta requires a close examination of these three texts. These three texts are known in Sanskrit as the Prasthānatrayi, or the triple starting principles (canons) of spiritual tradition of India.

The Brahma Sutra, the Science of the Soul

Sutras are concise aphorisms. They give the essence of the arguments on a topic. Maximum of thought is compressed or condensed into these Sutras in as few words as possible. It is easy to remember them. Great intellectual people only, with realization, can compose Sutras. They are clues or aids to memory. They cannot be understood without a lucid commentary. The commentary also is in need of further elaborate explanation and discussion.

Sutras are a compilation of short concise statements. Each sutra is any short rule, like a theorem or a formula distilled into few words or syllables, around which “teachings of ritual, philosophy, grammar or any field of knowledge” can be woven. The definition of sutra is that it be brief, but not ambiguous; it must be clear. Not only does it have to be brief and clear, a Sutra must be also meaningful. In practice, however, the desire for brevity was carried out to such extremes that most part of Sutra literature is now unintelligible, and this is particularly so with respect to the Brahma Sutra.

The Upanishads do not contain any ready-made consistent system of thought. At first sight they seem to be full of contradictions. Hence arose the necessity of systematizing the thoughts of the Upanishads. Teacher Vyasa tried to systematize the philosophy of the Upanishads that is presented in this publication “Brahma Sutra for the Beginners”. The brevity of the sutras leaves much more to be supplied by the commentators. Thus the same sutra is capable of being interpreted differently and even conveying quite the opposite meaning.

This book contains a substantive rendering of most verses in simple, modern English; copious notes and gloss on difficult verses and words; simpler important verses are printed in underlined-bold for the first time readers; quotations from the Bhagavad-Gita and Upanishads and references for further study. This deft rendering of the Brahma Sutras with subsidiary supports makes an in-road and gives access to the magnificent conclusions left by the ancient sages of India. This book gives us a summary view of the information which was divulged by those teachers. It is easy to read and understand and will encourage you to delve deeper into the subject matter.

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