All 700 verses of the Bhagavad Gita are given in both Hindi prose and poetry using the style of Ramayan of the great Saint TulasiDas in Doha, Chaupai and Chhanda meters. The prose will help where poetry needs elaboration for better understanding of the verses. This work may be used, with a little practice, during religious celebrations such as evening Satsangs, Janmashtami, Gita Jayanti (upcoming on December 9-10, 2016) and other spiritual gatherings. We have also included Gita Mahima and Gita Arati. A PDF version is available for free for personal use upon request: http://www.gita-society.com/bhagavadgita_contactus.html . It can be purchased from: http://www.createspace.com/6581440. A sample of this work can be read from: http://www.gita-society.com/pdf/sample.pdf

The poetic rendition was done by Dr. Ved Vatuk, a poet laureate, retired and now living in India. This work will be very useful to music lovers and musicians and inspire young poets. With a little practice, it’s very easy to feel the spiritual vibration of the language of Ramayan and the powerful teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita, both in one! That’s why we titled this work as ‘Shri Krishnayan’. There are other poetic renditions of the Gita in Hindi such as: HariGita, JanaGita and Gitayan by learned scholars. This rendition is unique and very powerful for devotees of both Gita and Ramayan. Must read the sample and find out !

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