IGS’s Bhagavad Gita published in China in Chinese

“…Dr. Prasad, I am very interested in your translation of Gita. Though I have many English translations, I think your translation is the best one. So far, there are 5 versions in China, and I hope we could translate your “Gita” into Chinese too. Could you grant the Chinese translation rights……”

Dr. Zhicheng Wang, Prof. of Philosophy, Zhejiang, University, Hangzhou, P. R. of China.

The sacred ancient Indian Scripture Bhagavad Gita translated in Chinese from English language rendition of the International Gita Society’s (IGS) The Bhagavad-Gita (The Sacred Song)” (Fifth Enlarged Edition) was released in China. It is the first time a well-known Hindu ancient religious text got published in the country of China. During an international yoga conference, this book was released by the Indian Ambassador to China Ashok K Kantha. Read details of this work at:


  • Shangai’s Zhejiang UniversityProfessors Zhu Cheng Wang and Ling Hai translated the book in Chinese language.
  • The book was published by Sichuan People’s Publications.
  • Nagaraj Naidu, who worked as consulate general at the Indian Consultate in Guangzhou city of China, had written foreword for the book.
  • Some India’s ancient like Buddhist Scriptures introduced to China by famous Chinese traveller Huen Tsang in 7th century are well known.
  • In 2014, an encyclopaedia on close cultural relations between India and China was published by the scholars of both India and China that exhibited the 2000 year old history.
  • 21 famous yoga teachers provided training to about 700 enthusiasts all over the world under the first India-China (chengdu) International Yoga Festival.

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