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This cyberspace is dedicated to religious tolerance, universal brotherhood, and welfare of all as taught by Krishna in the bhagavad-gita. Anybody who may profess to belong to IGS, but promotes religious conflict and hatred does not belong to our organization.

The Veda says: Let noble thoughts come to us from everywhere: [Aa no bhadraah kratavo yantu vishvatah] --- RigVeda 1.89.1

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You came to this world to teach us how to live in peace. May the lamp of Knowledge You gave light all our readers' path of spirituality and the fog of sectarian differences disappear.

We Offer:
a comprehensive free Bhagwad Geeta study experience of Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita for adults, children, free pocket Gita & lessons, Sanskrit Gita, Krishna's teachings...

We Provide: quotes 26 hindu-scriptures:vedas, bhagavad-Gita, upanishads, purana, anu yoga and uddhava gita, mahabharata, Koran, patanjali yogasutra, ramayana, Bible, Dhammapada ...

We Offer: teachings on Karma, mantras, yoga, reincarnation, devotion-bhakti, Brahman, mastering of mind,senses, meditation, knowledge of Absolute....

We Provide: levels of non-sectarian self-knowledge, bhagavad-gita for children, adults, scholars, students, researchers, seekers of Truth; Gita study guide ...

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